About Us

We are a fun band and focus on learning and having fun, not competition. We are a Legion band, and support veterans and the activities of the Legion.

Our Teachers

Piping: Our Pipe Major, Jenny Putinski, leads the full band, as well as teaching the novice and experienced pipers. Our Pipe Sergeant, Alan Waugh, teaches the beginners as they progress from learning scales on their chanters to starting on the bagpipes.

Drumming: Our Drum Sergeant, Natasha Durant, teaches beginner to experienced drummers. She is assisted by Jim MacLeod and Kevin Buchannan in teaching snare drums, by Joel Frenette and Lisa Wiggins in teaching tenor drums, and by Jenny Putinski in teaching bass drum.

Contact Us

Almonte Legion Pipe Band 100 Little Bridge Street, Almonte ON

Band Manager, Neil MacLeod: neilmacleod88@icloud.com

Pipe Major, Jenny Putinski: Jenny.putinski@gmail.com

Drum Sergeant, Natasha Durant: Natasha.durant@hotmail.com

Band Treasurer, Iain Slingerland: iain8slingerland@gmail.com

Band Secretary and Media, Jane Torrance: janetorrance@hotmail.com

Quartermaster, Mike Wiggins: wigginspipeband@gmail.com

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